Every MSP wants plenty of profitable, appreciative customers. But how do you find these customers — and more importantly, how do you keep them? The four elements of a good customer To grow your business, you need customers who respect what you do. This means: They see IT as a strategic investment, not just as a cost center. These customers are proactive — preventative maintenance is core to how they see their IT needs. As a result, they understand that your services can help them not only cut costs and boost employee productivity. These customers ask for and value your advice. By contrast, reactive customersRead More →

Back in 2012, the release of the new iMac® generated the usual Apple® buzz. But this time the talk wasn’t about what was included: it was about what was missing. The new iMac had no optical drive. To many, this seemed foolhardy — who wanted a computer that couldn’t play a DVD or a CD? A lot of people, as it turns out. Today, the optical drive has pretty much vanished from laptops from all manufacturers. Once again, Apple had it right. What does this have to do with running a managed services business? At SolarWinds N-able, we believe that the inventory management built intoRead More →